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“My Word Shall Not Return to Me Void” I met Ron at the Tabulam Aboriginal Village in the medical centre. I had a delivery for another customer who purchased the Family Medical Care, the Medicinal Plants and Foods and Their Healing Power books for the centre.

I had already asked the girls sitting outside if Evelyn was there and they said no. However, I still went inside and was approached by a quietly spoken man asking what I wanted. I told him I had a delivery for Evelyn and he said, “Leave it with me,” and followed me to my car. I passed him the Medicinal Plants still in their box and he asked me what they were, so I briefly told him. A look of deep thoughtfulness came to his face and then I handed him Today, Tomorrow and You. He stared at me with astonishment and said, “Arthur Maxwell this is the same man who wrote the Uncle Arthur's Best Stories.

“Yes!” I answered.

He said, “You know, Gary, Someone is speaking to me,” half looking upward and pointing his finger heavenward.

“Why is that, Ron?” I asked.

Then he told me the story of how he was walking down a street in Lismore, NSW, and picked up a screwed up piece of paper that was advertising some herbal books. “I wonder if it was these,” he said, looking at the books I had just placed in his hands. Well, we may never find out, but Ron told me how his living habits needed cleaning up. He also said, “I have a tax cheque coming soon, so I'll pay cash. And by the way, can you get me that book called Daniel and the Revelation? I gave mine away and never got it back.” I told Ron I would see him the first week in October and deliver his books then. Praise God for His providence and guidance! - Gary Carr, Northern Area

Important reading: The seven years of tribulation exposes the lies of the enemy on this deception manufactured by Jesuit priests and teaches the real truth on the second coming of Christ. Solar seals and the number of the beast has fascinating information on magic squares with the number 666 on them that came from Babylon. And the following sites explain why the Bible refers to the Roman Catholic Church as Babylon. So Constantine and the origin of sun worship followed by Catholic Church paganism and then who changed the Sabbath to Sunday will help greatly in understanding why Satan did these things and was behind the day change from the beginning. [sabbath]